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Perfect Strangers A Cultural Outsider Draws Connections Between Festivals of the Dead in Mexico and Japan
"The collective performance of bringing deceased loved ones home once a year, of affirming that they do in some way live on, seems to me deeply cathartic."

CurbedI Lived in a Tokyo Coworking Space
I gave up on professionalism and slipped into oversharing the messier parts of life that I usually don’t put on display for coworkers—being hungover, braless, binge-watching Terrace House.”

The Changing Times  Wherever We Live, We Live Together 
"Being earthquake drunk is like when you spend the day swimming in the ocean and at night, dry in your bed, you still feel your body dragged by the waves."

Racked — How Japan's ‘Small Face’ Obsession Helped Me Confront My Body Issues
"I became convinced that I was Hagrid, Dumbo-dropped into the land of the Minpins."

Racked — I'm Tired of Justifying My Armpit Hair
"Something old, something new, something borrowed, something hairy."

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Lenny Letter — The Love Witch Filmmaker Anna Biller
“I’m a freak, I’m a witch... I’m just a female.”

Apiece Apart Woman — Elisabeth Prueitt
I’m a shy person who has for some reason chosen to do very public things.”

Apiece Apart Woman — Agnes Baddoo

Travel Portland — Young, Gifted and Brown fosters community through dance in Portland
"'When you say ‘healing space,’ a lot of folks think of a therapy room or a spa. But dancing together to beats that have been deeply ingrained in our humanity is healing.'"

Broccoli Holy Rollers
"Brother-sister duo Sundae School creates unisex smokewear, slipping stoner Easter eggs into traditional Korean motifs with the goal of bringing Asian Americans into the countercultural conversation."

October Fido’s, the 'World's First Dog Tap House'
Porter gently separates Alfons, a.k.a. Alfie—a humper—from Dora, an independent woman who is still wearing diapers after getting fixed.”

October Brewer Lee Hedgmon Learned the Rules in Order to Break Them
A distiller barrel-aged in academia.” 

Refinery29 — Ebony Bizys of Hello Sandwich
"A Former Vogue Staffer's Guide To Tokyo"

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Ozy — 7 Must-Read Female Voices From Japan
Because there’s more to Japanese literature than Murakami."

Ozy — The Best Way to Fetishize Food, Japanese-Style
From a love scene involving live shrimp to an elderly fruit fondler, Tampopo takes food porn to a PG-13 level."

Refinery29 — 5 Kind-Of-Strange Things About Going To The Bathroom In Japan
"Japanese attempts to drown out the toots of noblemen date back to the Edo period."

Portland Mercury — Eat This! Where to Find Portland’s Best Onigiri
Vegan spam is a mystery meat I couldn't resist investigating."

Portland Mercury  — The Jell-O Shot Mega List: The Best Bars for Gettin' Jiggly With It
Me: 'What flavors of Jell-O shots do you have?' Him: 'Red.'"

Mental Floss 19 Must-Visit Stops on Mexico City's Metro
It’s both the journey and the destination."

Mental Floss  15 Japanese Food Onomatopoeias
"Puri-puri, pari-pari, pori-pori."

Mental Floss 9 Ways Japanese Schools Are Different From American Schools
Sorry ladies, there’s no pants option."

Mental Floss — Happy Meat Day! And Other Japanese Pun Holidays You Didn’t Know You Were Missing
"Ichigo No Hi (Strawberry Day) is also a day for cheering on these members of the so-called 'Strawberry Generation' (overprotected youth who bruise easily, like their namesake)"

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Inside Out — How Norigae Evolved From Fashion Accessory to Tattoo in South Korea
The norigae reminds me that a woman can be both delicate and passionate, and this duality does not take away from her character.”

Atlas Obscura — The Cucumber Horses and Eggplant Cows That Welcome Back the Dead
The cucumber horse is long and sleek, symbolizing ancestors’ swift journeys home to their families. The eggplant cow, plump and sturdy, embodies ancestors’ leisurely return trip, a load of souvenirs with them in tow.”

Curiosity — Why Do We Break Up In Restaurants?
“I broke up with someone a few months ago at Ruby Foo’s in the Upper West Side… it was great.”

Broccoli  Wax Poetic: Mexican candle making at the intersection of tradition and ephemerality
"Somewhere in the rococo mass of flora and filigree, there's a wick."

Broccoli — True Colors: Mood Rings as Chromatic Indexes for the Soul
"We're chasing simple paths to self-knowledge."

Curiosity Magazine — Why Do We Break Up In Restaurants?
“I broke up with someone a few months ago at Ruby Foo’s in the Upper West Side… it was great.”

Roads & Kingdoms — Waste Not, Want Not: An abandoned elementary school becomes a shrine to the concept of mottainai
The day after they eat at Saizen they will have a good, healthy poo.'"

i-D — Akihide Nakachi: Meet the Japanese designer who makes clothes for twinning
"We often think of fashion as being about expressing one’s individuality, but you are (were) here speaks to the tension between wanting to be an individual and wanting to belong to a group."

i-DQuiero Ver Como Tú Ves: These Mexico City artists swapped lives for an entire month
”It was like spying on someone who knows they’re being spied on and at the same time is spying on you — and you know it, and you let it happen.”

Travel Portland — Safe Spaces for Cannabis Consumption in Portland
If women are still in their bedrooms smoking by themselves, that doesn’t facilitate the forward growth of the cannabis movement.'"

Matador Network — How Will Christians and Muslim Coexist in the New Egypt?
"A self-described atheist in a country where people don’t describe themselves as atheists."

Matador Network The Egyptian Revolution, Reflected in Cairo's Date Market
"'A tourist is watching!' he says, elbowing the others. 'My god, what a scandal!'"

Refinery29 — Japan's "Genderless Kei" Trend Is About So Much More Than Just Fashion
"The Genderless Kei starter pack would include: a ‘90s Devon Sawa ‘do, dewy skin so white it glows, platform shoes, eye-popping color contacts, Instagrammable nail art, a mini backpack, and all things pink."

Refinery29 — That Time My Husband & I Stayed At A Japanese Love Hotel
A deeper probe into the cabinets revealed a glowing sex toy vending machine."

Refinery29 — Why Hot Guys In Japan Visit Offices To Wipe Women's Tears
"Even scary bosses have unexpectedly cute crying faces.”

Refinery29 — Why You Need To Start Making Your Own Bento Lunch
"Like Lunchables for the gastronome — think teeny morsels Tetris’d together to create a portable collage of nourishment."

Refinery29 — Japanese Wedding Rituals Are A Little Bit Different
In place of a veil goes one of two types of oversized white hoods: the wataboshi and the Tsunokakushi, which symbolically covers the wife-to-be’s “horns of jealousy” on her big day."

Refinery29 — I Went to a Hedgehog Cafe in Tokyo
Suddenly the café’s abundance of hand sanitizer made sense."

Refinery29 — Is This What Manicures Will Look Like In The Future?
What if this pattern on the nail moved freely, changing forms depending on the person’s feeling and emotion?’"

Refinery29 — The Japanese Coffee Innovation That America Needs ASAP
our caffeine addiction could be getting a lot more convenient."

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