New York Magazine — Upload Your Prayers to the Virgin of Guadalupe
Does a prayer bouncing up to satellites in space gets just as close to heaven as one offered at the feet of the Virgin?”

The Nation — ‘Roma’ for the People
Alfonso Cuarón’s new film breathes new life into Mexico’s “haunted” presidential palace.

Perfect Strangers A Cultural Outsider Draws Connections Between Festivals of the Dead in Mexico and Japan
"The collective performance of bringing deceased loved ones home once a year, of affirming that they do in some way live on, seems to me deeply cathartic."

Racked — How Japan's ‘Small Face’ Obsession Helped Me Confront My Body Issues
"I became convinced that I was Hagrid, Dumbo-dropped into the land of the Minpins."

Broccoli — Day Trip: Pastelería Ideal
A few cobblestone blocks from where the conquistadors took apart the Aztec Templo Mayor brick by brick, this is a shrine to possible joy, erected in Chantilly and meringue.”

Roads & Kingdoms — Waste Not, Want Not: An abandoned elementary school becomes a shrine to the concept of mottainai
The day after they eat at Saizen they will have a good, healthy poo.'"

i-D — Akihide Nakachi: Meet the Japanese designer who makes clothes for twinning
"We often think of fashion as being about expressing one’s individuality, but you are (were) here speaks to the tension between wanting to be an individual and wanting to belong to a group."

Refinery29 — Japan's "Genderless Kei" Trend Is About So Much More Than Just Fashion
"The Genderless Kei starter pack would include: a ‘90s Devon Sawa ‘do, dewy skin so white it glows, platform shoes, eye-popping color contacts, Instagrammable nail art, a mini backpack, and all things pink."

Lenny Letter — The Love Witch Filmmaker Anna Biller
“I’m a freak, I’m a witch... I’m just a female.”

Travel Portland — Young, Gifted and Brown fosters community through dance in Portland
"'When you say ‘healing space,’ a lot of folks think of a therapy room or a spa. But dancing together to beats that have been deeply ingrained in our humanity is healing.'"

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